Dr. Liudmila Cebotari, a lovely doctor from Republic of Moldova had some encouraging words for the public after finding out she didn’t meet the cut-off for her PLAB 1 exam written in September 2019.

She was kind enough to let us have this here to reach out to more people all over the world. Hope this encourages someone out there.

Her statement

First of all congratulations to all those who passed their PLAB 1 exams. Good luck with PLAB 2.

But I am here to give a shout-out to those who didn’t pass, especially for people who tried to combine studying and taking care of their little ones. I’m one of them.

A bit of statistics; The passing score was 120, however the average score was just 118. A simple calculation will lead you to the conclusion that quite a lot of us have failed.

Personally I got 116 after 2 months of mostly night studying and revision of Plabable only, with 4 years of medical break. I also did a 3 day course from Plabable which is fine if you have spare money, but you can absolutely survive without it.

I’ve seen people asking here for advice from those who failed. So the most important advice is FIGHT for EVERY ANSWER! I was extremely upset when I tried to recall the questions afterwards and realised that I got 6-7 questions wrong just because I wasn’t attentive. Also time management is extremely important too. The first 1/3 of the test was way too easy compared to the rest. Those questions resembled what I’ve read from Plabable and I was firmly convinced that I’d pass. I thought there was plenty of time and was too relaxed. But there wasn’t enough time in the end to double check questions which I had found tricky and wanted to review. So try to reach your fastest pace when answering.

Regarding the sources. I think Plabable is exactly what you need for the preparation. However I won’t rely on it solely for the 2nd attempt. 2 weeks before the exam, I had found out that plab1keys is also great but I didn’t have time for it. I’ll read it first and then will do Plabable again. But first thing I’ve got to do is to give Ielts as mine expired few weeks ago.

Sleep well before the exam, you need the maximum concentration as it will be 3 hours of nonstop thinking.

Good luck to everyone! Sooner or later we all will make it.

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