The academy is a medical education/training establishment held in high repute for well-structured, organised, outstanding, and concise teaching approaches to clinical examinations for doctors preparing for the PLAB 2 exam using widely proven practicable teaching models and instils values and principles of patient-centred, holistic care.

Where we are

LAGOS – 5c Aduke close, Maryland crescent, Maryland

MANCHESTER – 8 Berkeley Ave, Manchester M14 5DN, United Kingdom


  1. Free PLAB Part 2 Orientation Sessions
  2. Focused PLAB 2 Courses in Topical Areas
  3. Full PLAB Part 2 Online Courses (straight and spaced out)
  4. Personalized Result Reviews and Preparation Strategy
  5. Post PLAB 2 Orientation
  6. One-on-One Mocks with Detailed Feedback
  7. Logistics Consults/Assistance for our doctors coming for PLAB 2 examination in the UK (includes flight booking through Keypoints Travels)
  8. Free webinars on selected Common PLAB 2 Stations from time to time

PLAB Part 2 Test

The PLAB Part 2 is designed to test your clinical skills in practical terms, efficiency in sensitive, empathetic communication, professionalism and ethics. The General Medical Council (GMC) uses the Objectively Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) approach in the Test.

The Test covers key competencies expected of a Junior Doctor at Foundation Year 2 Level in Medical/Surgical Practice in the UK. These competencies includes, but not restricted to:

  • History taking
  • Clinical Examinations
  • Interpretating Investigations
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Health promotion, advocacy
  • Recognizing Ethical Issues
  • Communication Skills
  • Making and explaining prescriptions

To know more about the PLAB 2 exam, check out our POST on this.

Fully online – 14 days stretch

Fully physical – 14 days stretch

Revision – 5 days

Weekends – For 7 weeks

Upcoming courses

Course/Mock Fees

Physical – Manchester

Individual – £500
Group of 3 – £450 each
Group of 5 – £400 each
Group of 7 – £380 each

Physical – Lagos

Individual – £450
Group of 3 – £420 each
Group of 5 – £385 each
Group of 7 – £375 each

Online fees

Individual – £450
Group of 3 – £420 each
Group of 5 – £385 each
Group of 7 – £375 each

Mock only

Online – £50
Physical – £100

Result Review

Result review and re-strategization for repeaters – £50
Free if you initially booked the full course


WANT TO PAY IN EITHER POUNDS OR NAIRA? Contact the academy to make enquiries and make payment with ease. If paying in naira, you will be given the account number to transfer to, using the rate for the day you are making the payment.


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Location Lagos, Nigeria Phone +447516237488 (whatsapp only) Email Hours M-F : 8am to 8pm ; Saturday - 8am to 6pm Sunday - Closed
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