2023 PLAB 1 Bookings

Updated 05/10/2022

NB: Information from GMC page

Booking PLAB 1 is usually one of the toughest hurdles these days but we are here to provide information you need to prepare yourselves.

The release of PLAB 1 dates have now been revised. Some 2023 dates were initially released on June 25th which were for mainly February and May dates.

On December 10, 2022 at 10 am (GMT) PLAB 1 places will be released for the following dates across all locations:

● 10 August 2023

● 2 November 2023

You’ll need to access GMC Online using this link – https://www.gmc-uk.org/gmc-online-dashboard

Note that the above link is different from the usual one you use.


Your valid English language evidence must have been provided by midnight of 1st December 2022

Your English language evidence must be two years old or less on the day you are sitting the PLAB 1 exam. If the evidence you provide falls outside of this validity period, you need to retake your English language test before you can book your PLAB test. 

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7 thoughts on “2023 PLAB 1 Bookings

  1. Please I don’t get it. Does it mean that for one to take PLAB 1 next year February one should have registered by March this year?


    1. Hello,
      It means for you to book a space for the February 2023 exam which will be released on 24th March, you should have set up your GMC online account and provided a proof of English (e.g IELTS) by 17th of March. So basically, anyone that sets up their GMC online account after 17th would probably not be able to book a space when released on the 24th


  2. I will like to find out when the next dates for plab 1 2023 dates will be.


  3. Hello,
    Is there some sort of calender for the opening of registration for PLAB 1 for the year 2023 so one can get the IELTS ready.


    1. Hello, 2023 plab 1 dates were released today 10/12/22. Our page mentions this


  4. Efemena Erhue-diamond 9th Jan 2023 — 2:53 am

    Is any plab 1 slot still available in Nigeria or Ghana?


    1. You can use your GMC online page to check if there are any slots


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