Afrobrit Episode 3 : The Tide

Following the heartbreak I had experienced with my first attempt at IELTS, the next few days were like torture. The mere thought of going back into the hall and having to write and listen all over gave me nausea. I had initially hoped to write the November 2018 PLAB 1 exam but I knew it was no longer a possibility. I finally picked up myself and thought to actually work hard this time. I was determined to give it my all.

There is a 1 year compulsory national service usually done in Nigeria and I was awaiting my batch in November. I decided I was going to do my 2nd attempt before then. I had initially planned a trip to the UK for vacation for October, but as I had flopped my IELTS, the trip felt sour. Alas! An idea popped in my head. Yes, yes I was going to write my 2nd attempt in the UK. I had heard once that doing IELTS over there was sometimes more organized and probably more favourable. Without much thought, I tabled the idea to my mum and she went for it. Unfortunately for me, I was oblivious to the fact that I didn’t have to write a UKVI exam anymore but a plain academic IELTS but at that time I had no idea, so I booked yet another UKVI exam in the UK for ending of october 2018.

The trip to the UK was uneventful. All the excitement of going for a vacation was numb cause I had a future defining exam to write in a day. As one who always has motion sickness, i barely eat on flights but for this trip I fooled myself and went ahead to eat and even had a little white wine. I was definitely calling for danger in my gastrointestinal system. It first hit me as chest heaviness. I knew I was in soup when I felt the funny pain in my stomach as the plane descended a little. I was truly in trouble when I felt all d food find its way to the lower esophageal sphincter. I reached out for my paper bag just incase I threw up. It didn’t help. The horror began as I started throwing up into the paper bag over and over. To make it all worse, I had no idea the paper bag had torn somewhere so the content ended up spilling on my jeans. It was definitely not my best moments.The passenger beside me had called a flight attendant to help me. I had to change seats eventually. Due to that incident, I have never gone back to try having a meal on any flight. Now, I only take biscuits and sweets and anti-emetics once in a while.

Landing in heathrow airport was a relief. The nightmare had ended. I rushed to baggage claim after going through immigration. My first instinct was to change my jeans ASAP! I took one out of my box and ran to the restroom to change. Took a look in the mirror and sighed deeply. It was time to go face what was ahead.


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