Afrobrit Episode 4 : Second chance (part 1)

Recovering from that hectic flight was very paramount to me once i got to my aunt’s place where I was to stay. I needed to shower, sleep and wake up to a good Nigerian meal. I definitely wasn’t touching my books for a bit till I felt better. The next day, I was ready to start the struggle all over again. I concentrated more on my writing. I practiced different writing samples occasionally and touched the other aspects once in a while just to brush up.

The exam day finally came. I had googled the location the previous day since I wasn’t so familiar with the area I had to go to. I packed my bag, made sure I had my passport and some writing materials. I set out with a little bit of nervousness, wondering how the day would go, if this was going to end up well. A lot of thoughts were running through my mind. I took two trains to get to the closest station to my exam venue. I went ahead to use my google map to get to the building. It was situated in the corner of a quiet street and one would assume nothing was going on in there until you entered the building.

There were candidates from all over the globe from different races waiting to sit the UKVI exam. I felt very alone not having someone I knew around and I wasn’t really in the mood to make any new friends. All I could think about was the exam. People were reading intensely and carrying books about. I felt a little intimidated but it didn’t push me to carry any book. I just stood in one corner and played with my phone. Ten minutes after my arrival, my parents called me to wish me luck and it made me feel better. It was almost time to line up for registration. They were not wasting any time at all. I went to the back of the long queue to line up.

It was almost time for the exam and the most annoying thing happened. The front part of the sole of my right boots opened up with no prior fault. It was the most uncomfortable feeling whenever I had to walk towards any point. I tried my best to cover the situation as much as possible. It was almost as if I had a limping gait. It felt really embarrassing having to walk that way but I had to remind myself of the real purpose of my presence.

It was now time for the writing section of my exam which consisted of listening, reading and writing. I was to do my speaking exam later in the day.


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