PLAB means Professional and Linguistics Assessments Board.
The PLAB 1 exam is one of 2 exams that qualifies you for obtaining a license to work in the UK. It currently consists of 180 stations to be answered in 3 hours.The question format is usually a best option type.
It is usually conducted 4 times a year across the globe in March, June, September and November. There are various ways to practice for the PLAB 1 exam which includes joining a social media group and also self study.
A minimum of 1 month is required to practice well for the exam. This may vary amongst individuals as people have different learning paces. Some people attend lessons or academies to practice better which can be a very good option for better guidance.
The test is booked on the GMC (General Medical Council) site after creating your account. Your IELTS result is needed for this phase.
In all, without the PLAB 1 exam, you cannot proceed to the PLAB 2 exam.

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