The PLAB 2 exam is conducted in the UK only and would require that you obtain a visa to write the exam. The ‘PLAB VISA’ is a subsection of the Standard Visitor visa under Business visas.
2 very crucial requirements in your visa application is your financial status and proof that you will return to your home country which comprises of marriage, dependants, assets, employment and so on. The application stress is dependent on countries.
The important thing is to have all your documents in check. The earliest time you can apply is 90 days before your intended travel date. It is advisable you apply around this time because some people end up wanting a long time to get their visas.
In as much as you are a medical doctor going to write an exam, you can still be rejected a visa if you don’t follow the appropriate steps.
In all, start your visa application early and have enough proof of whatever you include in your application.


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